UK Forecast - November 23, 2023
Chilly northerlies
Mostly sunny

A much colder feeling day than recently with brisk northerly winds, strongest for eastern regions, touching gale force near to coasts. Generally fine with lots of sunshine. Some variable cloud. A few showers in northern Scotland, falling as snow over hills to quite low levels. Local showers mostly of rain grazing eastern coasts of England and a few running into northwest Wales from the Irish Sea. Highs 5 to 8C, but feeling closer to freezing in the wind.

Friday night
Staying breezy in the east, but winds falling light for many places. Local showers possible near to eastern coasts, otherwise dry. Clear skies will allow a frost to form widely as temperatures dip near or just below freezing in towns, and as low as -3 to -5C in some rural areas by dawn. Slightly less cold for Ireland as high cloud tends to push in here. Local mist patches may form.

High pressure over the country brings a crisp wintry feeling day. Sunshine and thin hazy high cloud. Generally dry with a low risk of a brief light shower nearest to eastern coasts in East Anglia and in northeast Scotland. Cloud thickening over Ireland may see drizzly rain arrive, mainly after dark. Light winds for most, but still a keen breeze on the east coast. After a chilly start, highs rising to 4 to 7C.

Low pressure to the west pushes fronts in across Ireland and into western Britain bringing cloudy skies, rain and drizzle. Risk of more persistent heavier rain developing into Wales and the southwest. Further east and north across Britain more likely to stay dry. Hazy sunshine for Scotland and eastern counties of England. Variable and light winds, but breezier in southwest. Feeling chilly, highs 4 to 8C.

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