UK Forecast - November 19, 2023
Cloudy with drizzle for most
Some sunny spells north and east


Low pressure over the British Isles, bringing unsettled conditions. Rain and drizzle across central England and Scotland. The risk of an odd isolated shower in southern England and west Wales. Showers in northern Scotland too. Cloudy for all, with the best chance of sunny breaks in southeastern England. Occasional cloud breaks elsewhere. Feeling breezy in the west, speeds tending to increase later. Highs of 11C in the north, and 12C in the south.

Monday night

Patchy rain across England and Wales, with damp and cloudy conditions. Further north, particularly in western Scotland there will be clearer skies, with a touch of frost in Highland glens. Some patchy rain along the eastern coast. Lows of 4C in the north, and 8C in the south.


A ridge of high pressure building in the southwest. Some mist and fog patches early in the morning across the central belt of Scotland and Northern Ireland, but will clear as the day progresses. Drizzle in northwest Scotland, with some pockets of residual drizzle in southeast England and local showers in coastal counties. Feeling chilly in the northeasterly flow, with the best chance of sunshine in northern England and Wales. Highs ranging from 7C in the north, and 11C in the south.


High pressure to the southwest of the British Isles, bringing largely dry conditions in the south. High cloud, hazy conditions, and feeling breezy. Some fog patches in southern England in the morning which will clear later on. Very wet and windy in western Scotland, but staying dry in the east. Patchy drizzle across western coastal hills of England and Wales, but dry in the south and the east and across the Midlands. Some sunny spells, but largely hazy with high cloud. Feeling mild, with highs of 12C in the north, and 11C in the south.

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