UK Forecast - November 12, 2023
Heavy rain in north
Gales on Monday

Wettest conditions focused from northwest England into Scotland - a widespread swathe of heavy rain for the Highlands and eastern Scotland, risk of flooding. Heavy rain on and off for central Scotland. Showery for Wales, southwest England and western Ireland. Early rain clears across central and eastern England to leave brighter skies. Heavy rain in the morning for Northern Ireland fades. Windy for most places, but gales or severe gales around coasts and hills. Highs 9 to 14C.

Monday night
Rain slowly fades for Scotland but leaves a legacy of drizzle into the night for northern and eastern Scotland. Heavy bursts feed into western coasts of England and Wales overnight. Rain pushing further inland for northwest England. Showery too in western Ireland. A few showers near English Channel coasts. Mostly dry for the Midlands, east and southeastern England. Strongest winds will tend to ease, but remaining breezy around coasts in the south and west. Lows 4 to 9C, mildest south.

Showery bursts of rain will push in from the west, these merging into more constant rain for west Wales and northwest England. Showers over the English Channel will run along the south coast. Persistent rain for western Scotland. Showery in the west of Ireland. Patchy rain for northeast England and eastern Scotland. Mostly dry for central and eastern counties of England with occasional sun. Brisk winds for England, Wales & Ireland, lighter winds for Scotland. Highs 8 to 13C.

Low pressure centred over the North Sea. Showery rain frequent in the northwest of Britain and Ireland. Rain for a time in northeast Scotland also. Mostly dry and bright for central and southern England and Wales. A fresh westerly breeze, tending to ease during the day, less wind in northern Scotland. Risk of further rain reaching the southwest later in the day as another Atlantic system approaches. Highs 8 to 13C, mildest in south.

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