UK Forecast - November 30, 2023
Cold through the weekend
Hard frosts, snow showers

Another crisp wintry feeling day across the country. Dry and bright for many with sunshine best in central and western parts. Showers in the east will move in from the North Sea, snow and hail flurries falling to sea level. Local wintry showers for western Scotland and around coasts of Ireland. Mostly light winds, but a northeasterly breeze will add to the chill in eastern England and near the south coast. Frost not thawing all day out of sunlight. Highs 1 to 4C, local 7C southwest.

Friday night
Showers tend to fade in the east, but some clusters of showers near western coasts may drift inland locally giving snow flurries. Variable high cloud in the west. Clearer skies to the east, but a risk of freezing fog forming over eastern England and in lower ground through the Midlands into the northwest. Light winds for most. Extensive hard frost, lowest temperatures toward the north and west. Below freezing in most towns, but in rural areas falling to -5C or lower, local -10C Highland glens.

A chilly day overall. Areas of persistent low cloud and fog, may linger all day for central and eastern England keeping temperatures near to freezing throughout. Bright skies with sunshine for some, generally best toward northeast England, east and northern Scotland. Showers for western Scotland and Ireland. Showers are likely to move into Wales and western England, these falling as snow on hills. Risk of snow to low levels for the Midlands into the night. Max 1 to 5C, highest southwest.

Risk of some rain, sleet and snow moving across central and southern England early in the day, passing eastwards and fading out. Snow over higher ground, perhaps to quite low elevations may leave a covering. Showers near to the south coast. Then dry with hazy sun and cloud. Mostly dry for northern England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Local wintry showers near to the coasts. Possible rain moving into the far southwest later in the day as southeasterly winds increase. Highs 2 to 5C.

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