UK Forecast - November 03, 2023
Cloud and rain for England & Wales
Sunshine & showers to follow

A cloudy morning for all of southern England and the Midlands. Rain in southwest England at first will move steadily north and eastwards during the morning with sunny spells and showers following to the south through the afternoon. A wet afternoon across northern England. Scotland will be brighter and drier with the best sunshine in northern Scotland. A few showers in the east. Cloudier for Ireland although some showers in the east here too. Winds freshening from the SW during the day. Temperatures at 10 to 12C. Cooler at 8 to 10C with a fresh E to SE wind for Northern England.

Saturday Night
Rain clearing through most of England and Wales during the evening although staying wet in northern England. Elsewhere with a mainly dry and clear night, temperatures 5 to 7C for northern England Scotland, 6 to 8C elsewhere. Showers continuing along eastern and southern coasts of England. For Scotland a mainly dry and clear night temperaures 2 to 4C with a ground frost in sheltered glens.

Remaining mostly cloudy with further showers along eastern coasts, cool with a moderate north to northeast wind and temperatures 8 to 10C. Elsewhere mainly dry with sunny spells, scatterd showers for the Midlands with highs near 12C, sunny spells and frequent showers for Wales and SW England with a fresh west to northwest wind and temperatures at 10 to 12C.

With pressure rising from the south as an area of low pressure fills and moves further north and east, any showers will be confined to Wales, western and southern and southwest England and the west of Scotland. Temperatures generally 8C across Scotland to 12C in southern England. Winds mainly westerly being fresh nearer coasts and light in more central areas.

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