UK Forecast - November 28, 2023
cold to very cold with persistent frost
Snow Showers for Scotland and North Sea coasts

A mainly fine and sunny start to today with widespread ground and slight air frost persisting to mid-morning, temperaures 0C for Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and Cheshire to -4C in Highland and central areas of Scotland, Antrim and Derry. England and Wales a widespread ground and slight air frost. Staying dry and sunny in Wales, Midlands, southwest, southern and southeast England temperaures briefly 2 to 3C during the afternoon. A mix of rain and snow showers will affect northeast Highland, Orkney and Shetland and North Sea coasts from Berwick to Norfolk, later into Kent, temperatures 3 to 5C with an onshore Northeast wind.

Wednesday Night
Scattered showers will continue into the evening for windward coasts of Scotland though decreasing during the night. Same to for North Sea coasts, staying rather windy with temperatures 2 to 3C. For the remainder of Wales, England and Northern Ireland a dry gnerally fine night though variable cloud, ground frost through the evening with temperatures -4C overnight. Increasing cloud cover and a strengthening East to Northeast wind will keep temperatures above zero across Devon and Cornwall to Dorset and Hampshire. Outbreak of snow for a time for Devon & Cornwall especially Dartmoor and Exmoor with rain along Channel coasts.

Cloudy throught the morning for Dorset to Hampshire and Sussex with patchy rain at times temperatures 3 to 5C with a fresh northeast wind. Cloud breaking with sunny intervals during the afternoon through Sussex to Kent. Wales, Midlands, Eastern and Northern England dry and sunny with variable cloud after a frosty start. Dry through the afternoon temperatures briefly 1-3C. Yorkshire rather cloudy with showers mostly of rain especially along coast, though of snow inland and with height, temperature 1 to 2 inland, 4C on coast, fresh northeast wind. Sunny spells and variable cloud for Scotland and Northern Ireland with frequent showers , rain on and nears coasts, snow inland and with height, temperature -1 to 1 inland, 5 for western coasts and 3 for eastern coasts. Widespread frost to follow overnight

A dry mostly fine start and through the morning for Wales, Southern England and the Midlands, frost and patchy fog may be slow to clear with temperatures near zero, else briefly 1 to 3C during the afternoon. Showers mainly of rain for northwest Scotland, Shetland and Orkney. An area of snow showers moving across Norfolk to Kent during the afternoon. Widespread frost overnight temperatures to -6C Highland and Welsh Marches, -3C elsewhere.