UK Forecast - November 08, 2023
Heavy showers west & south
Brighter, drier east

A southwest flow over the country on Thursday. There will be showers west and south, a few of these heavy on the hills this morning and along southern coasts. Brighter in eastern areas with sunny spells at first. The showers continue this afternoon, edging into the Midlands and remaining heavy in the west and south. Brighter in eastern areas, the best sunshine in Scotland. Snow showers over central and western hills of Scotland. Further heavy showers in western Ireland, drier and brighter in eastern Ireland. Highs at a cool 7 to 9C and feeling cold in the wind.

Thursday Night
Showers tonight over western an d southern areas of the country as well as the far north of Scotland. The showers heavy, prolonged and thundery in the west and southwest. These showers then edging east over more inland areas and eastern areas of Wales. Staying drier in central Scotland and Ireland. Lows at 0C in central Scotland, 4 to 7C for most.

Low pressure east of the country on Friday. This brings a northwesterly flow with sunny spells and some showers. Most of the showers over northern and eastern coasts and hills as well as Wales and southwest England. The showers heaviest in the parts of Wales and the southwest with a risk of thunder. Fewer showers inland and many areas dry and bright here. Highs at 7 to 11C.

A few showers along eastern coasts on Saturday morning with low pressure to the east. A ridge of higher pressure builds from the west bringing a fair day for many. Good spells of sunshine after morning mist and fog patches lift and clear. Cloud increasing in Ireland in the afternoon with rain to the southwest later. Highs at 8 to 11C.

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