UK Forecast - November 16, 2023
Unsettled and windy
Mix of rain and showers.

Starting dry some sunshine for all areas, temperautures 1 to 4degC for Scotland and N.Ireland, 3 to 5 England and Wales. Continuing dry with sunshine thorugh the morning and into the afternoon temperatures 3-5 for Scotland, 6 to 8degC for reaminder of N.Ireland, England and Wales. Winds generally light and variable being to freshen in Southwest later.

Friday Night
Pressure now falling from the West as Atlantic fronts make progress and the ridge moves away eastwards. Cloudy for all areas with outbreak of rain across the UK, some prolonged and heavy outbreaks for SW England and S.Wales and patch rain Northeast England and Western Isles. temperatures 8 to 10 in South 1 to 5 for Northern England and Scotland, patch frost clearing in central Scotland.

A windy day across the UK with a fresh gusting strong S/SW wind, temperatures 2 to 6degC across Scotland to Midlands and Eastern England, 10 to 12degC South Wales and Southwest England. Cloudy for all areas through the morning with outbreak of rain Hampshire to Kent and East Anglia to Humberside and a mix of rain and showers for Scotland and N.Ireland clearing all of England during the afternoon with some sunny spells although rather cloudy. Temperatures 10 to 12degC England and Wales. Remaining cloudy with outbreaks of rain or showers for all of Scotland and N.Ireland particuarly on windward Western coasts cool temperartures 4 to 6degC and fresh SW winds. Rain mostly clearing Scotland by evening though showesr continuing across Western locations.

A depression now centered off Northwest Scotland will give Scotland and N.Ireland a cloudy start with showers, some merging for longer spells of rain. Temperatures 6 to 8degC. Bands of showers will move through Cumbria to Lancashire, into Shropshire, Midlands to Oxfordshire and across to Humberside during the afteroon in a fresh W/SW wind, temperatures 10 to 12degC. Scattered showers and sunny spells for Cornwall, Devon to Hampshire and Essex, temperatures 10 to 12degC, fresh S/SW winds gusting strong notably along windward Southern coasts.

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