UK Forecast - November 06, 2023
Mostly dry & bright
Showers in west

Cloud and scattered showers over eastern parts of Scotland and England on Sunday morning. Scattered showers for wester areas. Generally it will be dry and bright although cool. Sunny spells but rather breezy in the south and east at first. Through this afternoon showers continue to affect western coasts and hills whereas central and eastern areas are brighter with good spells of sunshine. Some cloud in northeast Scotland. Highs at 9 to 12C.

Tuesday Night
Showers afecting western coasts and hills on Sunday night, one or two could be heavy. Central and eastern areas tending to have clearer skies and staying dry throughout the night. Breezy in the south. Lows near 3 to 5C but 1C in central Scotland.


A front brings some squally bursts of rain through the early hours and morning on Wednesday, passing eastwards and clearing eastern coasts by early late morning. Heavy showers and a risk of thunderstorms follow into western Ireland and western Scotland, although for many other areas it becomes brighter and cooler. A few showers reaching northwest England and western Wales later. Eastern Scotland and eastern England drier and brighter. Highs at 14C in the southeast, more widely 8 to 10C.

Low pressure somewhere close to Scotland on Thursday bringing a blustery, showery day. The showers will be heaviest and most frequent through western and northern Scotland, western England, Wales, Ireland and southern England. A risk of hail and thunder as well as squally winds. Snow affects the Highlands of Scotland. Fewer showers in central and eastern areas although an odd heavy one cannot be ruled out here either. Sunny spells between the showers in the east. Highs at 7C in northern Scotland, 10C in southeast England.

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