UK Forecast - November 02, 2023
Bright and breezy Friday
More rain into Saturday

Low pressure circulates over the North Sea. Rain fairly persistent in northeast Scotland, risk local flooding. Windy too across many northern and eastern areas. More showers for western Wales and the northern coasts of Cornwall and Devon. Brighter with sunny spells across inland and eastern areas of England as well as much of Ireland away from northern and western coasts and hills. Highs reaching 8C in northern Scotland and 12C in southern England.

Friday night
A few showers continue near to some coasts in the west and north, but many places will be dry into the evening and night. Winds falling light will allow some mist and fog patches to form in low-lying areas. Cloud will thicken from the southwest with more rain setting in across southwestern England and Wales and southern Ireland. Winds strengthening to gale force near the English Channel coast. Temperatures dipping to 3 to 6C, possible slight frost in north. Milder far south.

Another deep centre of low pressure moves in from the southwest, bringing another spell of rain to central and southern England and much of Wales. May lead to further local flooding. Heavy showers later in the southwest. Scotland and Northern Ireland often dry with sunshine, a few showers near coasts. Wetter for southern Ireland. Feeling cool and unpleasant in rain. Highs at just 8C in the Midlands, 11C in southern England, 9C for Scotland and Ireland.

Low pressure over the North Sea brings fresh west to northwesterly winds across Britain and Ireland. Showery rain in the west, locally frequent near to western coasts of Wales. Remnants of previous rain should clear from eastern England. Often dry for many central parts of Britain with spells of sunshine and broken cloud, an odd brief shower possible. Feeling rather cool in the breeze. Highs 8 to 12C.

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