UK Forecast - November 24, 2023
Bright with a few showers east on Saturday
Rain pushes east on Sunday

A mostly dry and bright day for most areas with the best of the sunshine across central and southern England. Some more cloud will arrive later in the day across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales but with dry condition remains. There will be some showers across the the East Yorkshire, East Lincolnshire and East Anglia coasts, these gradually dying away in the afternoon. Mostly dry condition prevailing to all in the evening, apart from Northern Isles where some showers are expected. It will be mostly light winds, temperatures will not exceed of 5 to 6C in the afternoon.

Saturday Night
A mostly dry night with clear spells, but cloud will thicken over Northern Ireland with rain arriving in the early hours of Sunday. Light winds will allow for temperatures to drop below freezing to a lot of place with widespread frost and temperatures dropping to -2C to -1C.

As a low pressure will arrive from the west, this will push the rain from Northern Ireland eastwards and reaching southern Scotland, England and Wales by midday. Rain may be heavier for a time across southern England. Central and Northern Scotland will see the driest condition with some showers arriving on the freshening northeast wind later. A frosty night will follow for Scotland, while temperatures staying above freezing elsewhere. Tops of 5C in north, but possible 9C in south with a milder feeling.

A messy start to the day with outbreaks of rain, this mainly away from Northern Ireland and Western Scotland. As low pressure is now moving across the Low Countries the wind will turn northeasterly bringing a fair amount of showers across the north and east coasts, while it will get drier elsewhere through the afternoon. Freshening winds coming from the northeast with some stronger gusts in east. Tops of 6C in north but to 8C in south, however it will feel rather cold in the freshening wind.

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