UK Forecast - November 09, 2023
Sunny spells
Coastal showers

Low pressure centred to the east brings a mix of sunshine and showers. Feeling cool in the northwesterly breeze. Showers focused around coastal areas, heaviest in west Wales and southwest England with a risk of thunder. A feed of showers will affect northern coasts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Local showers grazing North Sea coasts of east and northeast England too. Many central inland areas of England and Scotland will stay dry and bright with good spells of sunshine. Highs 7 to 11C.

Friday night
Frequent showers continue to affect north and northeast Scotland into the night. Local showers also near coasts in northeast England, possibly north Wales too, but tending to fade. Many places dry with clear skies into the night, some broken cloud toward the east. Mist patches forming in some sheltered spots. A northerly breeze in eastern areas. A touch of frost forming inland in rural areas. Lows 0 to 5C.

A fine day for much of Britain and Ireland. A few showers along eastern coasts on Saturday morning with a cool northerly breeze for a time. A ridge of higher pressure builds from the west bringing a fair day for many. Good spells of sunshine after morning mist and fog patches lift and clear. Light winds for many places. Cloud increasing in Ireland in the afternoon with rain to the southwest later as southerly winds increase. A chilly start, highs reaching 8 to 11C.

Fronts push in from the southwest across England, Wales and much of Ireland, although some uncertainty about the eastward progress of the rain. A murky and wet day for many southwestern areas, risk of some heavier bursts of rain. Eastern areas of England may escape drier. Much of Scotland likely to remain dry with some sun in the north, although some rain may nudge into southwest Scotland. Gusty winds near to all western coasts. Highs 7 to 14C, mildest southwest.

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