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Scratchbox - April 23, 2019
Issued: 16:46hrs Monday 22th April 2019

Claire: A few showers starting to show on the radar over the southwest. A few more may start to flare up as we go into this evening. Staying dry and clear elsewhere.

Issued: 12:04hrs Monday 22th April 2019

Claire: Temperatures are rising nicely under the Bank Holiday sunshine with most places in the high teens or low twenties already. More sun through this afternoon though high cloud is increasing from the south over southern England.

Issued: 08:09hrs Monday 22th April 2019

Claire: A sunny start for most as we begin Bank Holiday Monday. Some cloud around in the far south but still some good spells of hazy sunshine here too. Staying this way for most throughout the day though there is a chance of showers developing over the southwest later.

Issued: 14:04hrs Sunday 21th April 2019

Simon: More sunshine to come well into this evening for most. A bit cooler on the coasts due to sea breezes. Still more cloud in the west of Ireland and western Scotland.

Issued: 07:49hrs Sunday 21th April 2019

Simon: Happy Easter! It's another fine and warm day ahead for England and Wales but more cloud in Ireland and Scotland. Patchy drizzle northern Scotland and a few spots of rai may affect western Ireland too.

Issued: 20:08hrs Saturday 20th April 2019

Simon: A dry night ahead for most with some mist and fog patches in more sheltered areas.

Issued: 13:55hrs Saturday 20th April 2019

Simon: It's a warm afternoon, temperatures topping out around 26C today.

Issued: 07:58hrs Saturday 20th April 2019

Simon: Another very warm day ahead for most of us with plenty of sunshine. Thicker cloud in Scotland and Ireland, perhaps a spot of rain over the Grampians.

Issued: 17:10hrs Friday 19th April 2019

Claire: High temperatures widely topped 20C across the country today. And there's more of the same forecast this weekend!

Issued: 11:37hrs Friday 19th April 2019

Claire: Some stubborn patches of mist are lingering over Ireland but for most of us it's a sunny afternoon ahead. High cloud will build from the west through the afternoon though turning the sunshine increasingly hazy.

Issued: 08:09hrs Friday 19th April 2019

Claire: Mist and fog affecting mostly eastern and central parts of England and Scotland should clear quickly to leave a mostly sunny and dry day. High cloud may turn the sun hazy at times.