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UK Forecast - August 17, 2018
Rain mostly west
Breezy but muggy

A general westerly pattern continues. A lot of cloud, with the best of any sunny breaks toward the east. Rain or drizzle in western areas, most persistent for south-west Scotland. Murky with fog for western coasts and hills, including Wales and south-west England. A fresh west to southwesterly breeze, strongest in northern Scotland at first. Feeling rather humid. Temperatures up to 24C in central-eastern England, 18 to 22C for many, but just 14C western Scotland.

Saturday night
Low pressure coming in from the Atlantic moves across Ireland, bringing a swathe of heavy rain during the evening and overnight. This rain also spreads into central & southern Scotland, north-west England and Wales through the night. TYhe Midlands, south & east should stay dry, although fairly cloudy. Southwesterly winds will strengthen around coasts in the south-west. Staying warm and muggy for most, lows 14 to 18C, but locally 10C or below in northern Scotland.

Persistent rain for southern Scotland and northern England in the morning, fading to drizzle and breaking up through the day. Generally dull, with extensive low cloud across the hills of England and Wales. Largely dry from the Midlands south, with brighter skies southern England. Northern Scotland should also escape dry and bright. Some cloud breaks for Ireland. Winds fairly light, but there may be a fresh westerly for a few hours. Highs 19 to 24C, warmest south-east, quite humid.

A general westerly pattern across Britain. Weak fronts will bring a lot of cloud and patchy rain or drizzle, mostly affecting the west & north-west. Brightest skies toward the east & south, with some sunshine. Western Scotland may see steadier rain for a few hours. Winds fairly light, but a westerly breeze is likely to strengthen for northern regions of Britain & Ireland. Cool north-west at 15 to 18C, but humid south, highs 22 to 26C.