Europe forecast - November 16, 2023
Windy wet north, brighter south.
Colder in east on Friday

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 16th November 2023
Duty forecaster: Filotas Paschos

Heavy rain in places in north, but mostly dry and bright Mediterranean. A cold blast in east through Friday.

A developing low pressure system will track along the English Channel giving some heavy rain and strong winds for southern UK, west and north France clearing in the evening with showers following later. Apart from a few showers in the north Iberia, Portugal and Spain will see a mostly dry an bright day. Sunny spells across Balearics, while Sardinia and Corsica will see occasional showers and strengthening winds. Moving further east, across Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey and Cyprus will have a mostly dry and bright day with only a few showers across western coastal areas. Apart from Belgium and Luxembourg, the Low Countries will see a dry but rather cloudy day. Germany will start dry but heavy rain will move in and spread east later across southern parts and then into southern Poland through the evening. Balkans remaining fairly dry with some early patchy fog soon dispersing. Over the far northern parts of Europe, Denmark and southern parts Sweden will see some occasional rain or sleet, otherwise it will be a clear and frosty day.

A mostly dry and bright day across Iberia and Balearics, with dry condition expected across Corsica and Sardinia, even though with strong winds there. Italy, Greece and Turkey will see some occasional cloud at first, but a band of rain will push south in the evening, with some heavier rain in Greece and snow on mountain tops. Turkey remaining dry for most of the day. Quite unsettled weather for the Balkans as system tracks south and develops further in the Aegean Sea, dragging colder air across the area with rain in places and hill snow.
France will see a drier day at first even though a system tracking over the British Isles with heavy rain and strong winds, will give some outbreaks of rain in Northwest counties. Some occasional showers across the Low Countries and Germany, but getting drier in the evening. Poland will see occasional rain and snow, as cold northerly flow will bring temperatures close to zero.
Denmark and Southern Sweden will start with some sleet but will get drier later. Further north across Scandinavia it will a cold and bright day.

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