Europe forecast - November 28, 2023
Cold for most away from the Mediterranean
Snow central & north, locally heavy rain in south.

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 27th November 2023
Duty forecaster: Filotas Paschos

Quite unsettled conditions for much of Europe, with snow showers across central and northern parts, while it will be wet with heavy persistent rain in places across the Mediterranean

Low pressure will give outbreaks of rain across Portugal and northern Spain, while rest of Spain and the Balearics will enjoy a mostly dry bright day. Further east across the central and eastern Mediterranean a deepening system of low pressure will result in a windy day with heavy and persistent rain across Sicily, western Greece as well as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and southwest Turkey where local flooding is possible. Rain and snow across the Northern Balkans too. Northern Italy, Corsica and Sardinia will see windy but mostly dry conditions. The British Isles will see a mostly dry bright day, especially away from the coast where some showers are possible, these wintry over Scotland. Any remaining rain across France will clear away through the morning. The same applies with any morning snow across Germany. Both will see a dry afternoon. Austria, Switzerland, Czechia, Hungary, southern Poland will see a spell of snow. Further north a low pressure system in the North Sea will bring outbreaks of sleet/snow later in the day across the Low Countries, with snow showers continuous across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States.

Outbreaks of rain again across Portugal and northern Spain, these spreading east across France later in the day, with snow further inland later. Balearics mostly dry but windy. The weather across the UK will be generally cold with occasional wintry showers, these mostly in north and east. Cold weather for the Nordic countries with outbreaks of snow, maybe with a longer spell of snow across the Baltic states. Central Europe drier than of recently with only a few snow showers. Occasional wintry showers for Belgium, and the Netherlands.
Across the Mediterranean as the low pressure is shifted further east it will be mostly dry across Italy, Sardinia and Corsica, but still fairly unsettled in places in Greece and Turkey. Cyprus staying dry but rather cloudy.