Week ahead - November 28, 2023
Staying very cold persistent frost
snow showers in North

Frost and freezing fog, remaining very cold

Pressure begin to rise in the wake of a depression moving off east Coast into Southern North Sea. This introduces a cold Arctic Northeasterly flow across much of Eastern, Central and Southeast England. Cold and sunny days frost overnight, freezing fog slow to clear

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Friday 01/12/2023
Reminaing cold frost persistent for inland Scotland, though dry and sunny temperature 0C to -3C. Coastal showers. All of England, Wales and Northern Ireland dry and sunny, though coastal showers for Northern ireland, and East Anglia temperatures briefly 1 to 2C during the afternoon, frost during evening

Saturday 02/12/2023
Anoher very cold day though dry and sunny especially inland areas of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, temperautres slow to rise and will persist during the day with patchy frezzing fog also persistent. Temperatures 1 to 2C during the afternoon. Frost will become severe through the evening and again overnight -5C for England to -7 in Scotland. Coastal showers continue along North Sea.

Sunday 03/12/2023
Persistent frost along with freezing fog for many inland areas of England, Wales and N.Ireland, temperaures remaing belwo zero. Some sunshine where fog disperses and coastal mid-south Wales, N.Ireland and Northeast England Berwick to Humber. Showesr also for northern Scotland


Monday 04/12/2023
Frost and freezing fog reluctant to clear will make for a very cold day as temperatures remain below or just above zero


Tuesday 05/12/2023
Less clold for southwest and southern England though rather cloudy temperatures 4C. Coastal showers along North Sea coasts from Berwick to Kent. Elsewhere dry though cloudy temperaures 2 to 3C, frost less severe.

Wednesday 06/12/2023
Dry some sunshine, showers for Scotland, fog and freezing fog slow to clear through the day

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
We,29.11. various clouds -3° -  95%
Th,30.11. various clouds -4° -  90%
Fr,01.12. various clouds -5° -  90%
Sa,02.12. partly fog -7° -  90%
Su,03.12. partly fog -7° -  80%
Mo,04.12. various clouds -5° -  75%
Tu,05.12. various clouds -4° -  60%
We,06.12. various clouds -4° -  60%
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