Week ahead - November 23, 2023
A chilly week
Fog and frost

Issued: 0900hrs Thursday 23rd November 2023
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Some rain in the south

It will be starting to feel like the beginning of winter during the week ahead. Single figure temperatures by day, frost and fog at times. Local wintry showers, but snow mostly confined over the hills. Chilly patterns are likely to continue into the start of December.

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Sunday 26/11/23
Low pressure to the west pushes fronts in across Ireland and into western Britain bringing cloudy skies, rain and drizzle. Risk of more persistent heavier rain developing into Wales and the southwest. Further east and north across Britain more likely to stay dry. Hazy sunshine for Scotland and eastern counties of England. Variable and light winds, but breezier in southwest. Feeling chilly, highs 4 to 8C.

Monday 27/11/23
Low pressure drifts across southern England with rain, drizzle and low cloud fairly extensive. Risk of steady rain for central and southern areas. Showery toward the northeast of Britain, snow on hills. Mostly dry for Ireland and western Scotland. Western England and Wales may also brighten up. Feeling chilly and unpleasant, especially if rain persists. A northeasterly breeze. Highs 3C up to 9C far south.

Tuesday 28/11/23
High pressure influences west and northern areas. Frost and some fog patches. A chilly northeasterly breeze for east and southeastern England. Showers near to coasts, wintry over higher ground in the northeast. Sunny spells best in western regions of Britain and Ireland. Highs 4 to 8C.

Wednesday 29/11/23
A fairly quiet pattern under slack high pressure. Frost and fog likely. Mainly dry. Some sunshine. Local showers near to North Sea coasts. Highs 3 to 7C, but staying near freezing if fog persists.

Thursday 30/11/23
A quiet pattern may continue, but confidence is lower. Staying cool with some fog patches. Weak front pushing into the northwest may bring patchy rain. Chance of heavier rain toward far southwest. Highs 3 to 8C.

Friday 1/12/23
Breezier but staying cool. Risk of rain toward the southwest. Showers in the east and northeast, snow on hills. Highs 4 to 9C, mildest southwest.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Fr, 24.11. mostly sunny  -  90%
Sa, 25.11. mostly sunny  -  90%
Su, 26.11. cloudy, light rain  -  70%
Mo, 27.11. cloudy, rain  -  65%
Tu, 28.11. various clouds, light rain  -  60%
We, 29.11. partly fog  -  60%
Th, 30.11. various clouds, light rain  -  50%
Fr, 01.12. cloudy, rain  -  40%
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