Europe forecast - November 23, 2023
Unsettled Mediterranean
Cold plunge in Central & Eastern Europe.

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 23nd November 2023
Duty forecaster: Filotas Paschos

Unsettled conditions for the Mediterranean and surrounding countries, much colder central and Eastern Europe with some snow

An anticyclone will bring settled conditions for the Iberian, Balearics, France France, as well as the western British Isles with some good spells of sunshine. Further east across the Mediterranean a well developed low pressure system centered over north Africa, brings outbreaks of rain across Corsica and Sardinia, central and southern Italy, Greece and western parts of Turkey Turkey with a risk of thunderstorms and hail too. Due to southerly winds in these areas, the day will be generally mild. Across central and Northern Europe due to a wide low pressure system over Scandinavia, a developing northwesterly flow will bring colder air masses across the continent with rain affecting at first parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and this gradually moving southwards and affecting Low Countries, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and Belarus by the end of the day. Drier conditions across Czechia, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary Hungary with sunny spells.

Settled conditions remain in west with good sunshine across Spain and Portugal, a bit more cloudy across France and most of the UK with only a few showers. Eastern UK will see more frequent showers, some of them wintry far north. The low over North Africa will gradually weaken with Sardinia and Corsica seeing a better day with sunny spells, and the same applies for most of Italy away from Sicily. Outbreaks of rain are expected over Greece mostly across the western exposed areas as well as the Eastern Aegean Sea where some thunderstorms are possible. Same as Western Turkey with some thundery showers possible in the afternoon.
Further north, and as the north-northwesterly wind develops further, temperatures will go down with rain turning into snow even down to low levels across Germany, Poland, and the Baltic States. Some heavier rain across the Balkans, this more persistent across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Romania Romania.

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