Europe forecast - January 01, 2024
Wet and windy north
Mild central & southern Europe

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 1st January 2024
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Cold in Scandinavia with snowfalls

New Year's Day
A fair day for much of Iberia, although some showers may affect the far north. A few showers in northern Italy but the Balearics, Corsica and Sardinia should be fine. Showery in southern Italy and western Greece plus showers for western Turkey.
Gales for France with rain in the north and west, drier to the south. Windy in Germany and the Low Countries, a few showers here. Rain affecting the east of Poland but drier in the west. Hungary and Austria should be dry with sunny spells. A few showers in western Switzerland.
Cloudy and wet for Denmark. Some snow in the southern Baltic States. Heavy snow in southern Sweden and Norway. Cold and drier in northern areas of Scandinavia.

Dry and sunny for southern Spain and the western Mediterranean. Well scattered showers for Italy. Rain affects western Greece and a few showers into western Turkey. Mostly dry for Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. Rain and mountain snow for Bulgaria.
Heavy rain for northwest Spain, much of west and northern France with widespread gales. Rain also extending across the Low Countries and much of Germany. Snow for the western Alps, rain at lower elevations, strong winds here too. Rain and snow moves into Poland from the west.
Rain for Denmark, rain and snow for southern parts of Sweden and Norway accompanied by strong easterly winds. Dry for northern Scandinavia.

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