Europe forecast - November 25, 2023
Cold Central and Eastern Europe with snow.
Unsettled conditions over Balkans.

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 25th November 2023
Duty forecaster: Filotas Paschos

A rapidly deepening low pressure system across southern Balkans brings severe gales, rain and snow. Colder air masses in central and Eastern Europe with snowfalls in places. High pressure in west.

High pressure persists over west Europe with bright and dry weather across Portugal and Spain, France and most of the British Isles as well as Corsica and Sardinia. Further east across the Mediterranean a rapidly deepening area of low pressure will bring gales or severe gale across Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey, and parts of the southern Balkans, accompanied by heavy rain in places and snow over high ground. Rest of the Balkas will see a fair amount of snow even down to very low levels. Temperatures will drop significantly through the day. Further north across Central and North Europe, it will be fairly cold with outbreaks of snow especially for Switzerland, Austria, Checzia, Germany and Poland, while it will be drier across Scandinavia, with snow showers across Finland and the Baltic States. A more mixed weather for the Low Countries with frequent showers of rain or sleet but it will feel cold in the strong northerly wind.

Another dry and bright day across Portugal and Spain as well as the Balearics. Much of France will start dry, but a band of rain will push east across the British Isles through the morning spreading east with outbreaks of rain across France and the Low Countries too. Some rain turning into snow over higher ground in Germany otherwise Poland will be cold but dry. Central Europe will be dry but with quite cold temperatures. Across the Mediterranean and as the low pressure system moved quickly towards the Black Sea, it will be much drier and brighter with good sunny spells but with cold temperatures too. Winds will gradually ease away.
Across Scandinavia even though Sweden and Denmark will remain dry with some brightness, a low coming down from the north will give some snow across Norway, mostly to areas close to North Sea.

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