Europe forecast - November 29, 2023
Rain central and southeast Europe
Sunny south,cold north

Issued: 0530hrs Wednesday 29th November 2023
Duty forecaster: John

Low pressure elongated from Latvia to Britiany with centres over Baltic and Northwest France Cold snow showers to north, snow for Italian and Swiss Alps, rain Spain to Greece

Remaining very cold through Scandinavia to Baltic with outbreaks of snow and temperatures below zero. Staying cold with frequent showers mainly of rain or mixed along coasts of Denmark Belgium and Netherlands, with scattered snow showers further inland across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Mainly dry though cold and sunny for Poland to Hungary. Some prolonged snow for Italian and Swiss Alps. An area of prolonged rain moves into France with showers following across northeast Spain and Portugal. Frequent coastal showers for Balkans and across mainland and Greek islands. Temperatures 8C to 12C

Low pressure remains over the Baltic and a weakening area of low pressure extends eastwards into France. A mix of rain and showers moves eastwards across France and northeast Spain and Portugal through the day, with snow for Austria, Switzerland and Alpine regions to Bulgraria Bulgaria, temperatures remaining near or just above freezing. Scattered showers and sunshine for Italy and eastern Mediterranean temperatures 12c to 15C. Showers continue to affect northwest Scotland and Northern Ireland, eastern England to Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark with temperatures near or just above zero. Frost will become prolonged during the evening and overnight except on and near windward coasts.