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Week Ahead
General Remarks
What does a trend reveal?

The editorial The Week Ahead is used to describe the development of the weather in the medium term. Its different to the daily forecast we issue in that is gives an overall guidance, rather than a detailed day to day prognosis. Depending on the prevailing meteorological conditions, the accuracy of the forecast reduces significantly by the 4th or 5th day, although it is still useful.

The Week Ahead is the result of thorough analysis of different forecast models by our experts. The main focus is to find consistencies in different models that by experience result in specific patterns. On the other hand caution is used if the models significantly differ from each other.

The right column displays the degree of certainty in the forecast trend for each day. "Certain" means that an event is likely to occur, whereas "uncertain" displays a questionable prognosis caused by different conclusions in different models or by huge differences in the same model in back to back test runs, therefore the forecaster has less confidence in this forecast.

The temperature values are maxima values. The colors green, red and blue display areas of different temperatures.

The text reveals the generally expected atmospheric conditions for the time period.