Week ahead - November 22, 2023
Becoming colder
Messy next week

Issued: 0900 Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Duty forecaster: Filotas Paschos

A mostly dry and colder start in the weekend, but turning messy next week

High pressure will be more dominant through the weekend with generally dry and bright conditions. However a band of rain will push east in the beginning of the week with outbreaks of rain. Once that clears on Wednesday a more cold north-northwesterly flow will follow with showers, these wintry mostly over high ground.

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Saturday 25/11/23
A mostly dry and bright day for most areas, but for some showers remaining along the east coasts mainly in the morning, before easing away in the afternoon. High pressure will become dominant later in the day with fairly light winds and widespread frost on the following night with a few fog patches possible. Tops of 5 to 6C in the afternoon.


Sunday 26/11/23
Anticyclonic conditions continuing on Sunday with fairly dry and bright conditions. Some thicker cloud and light rain is possible across the Hebrides, Northern Isles and the Northwest Highlands, but the best of the brighter conditions are expected for southern England. A frosty night will follow for England, while temperatures staying above freezing in north. Tops of 6C in north, but possible 8C in south.

Monday 27/11/23
England and Wales will see bright conditions in the morning good sunny spells, however Northern Ireland and Scotland will start the day with a lot of cloud, this gradually becoming thicker through the day with rain soon spreading east-southeast. A light to moderate breeze for most, but wind will strengthen in northwest later in the day. Tops of 7 to 9C.

Tuesday 28/11/23
A fairly cloudy day for most, with outbreaks of rain, this clearing gradually to the east with some brightness and occasional showers following for most. Strengthening winds in the north and west, with tops of 8 to 10C.

Wednesday 29/11/23
The strengthening northwesterly wind will bring a fair amount of showers across most of the country, however the most frequent are expected across Scotland, Northern Ireland and western coasts of England. Chance for the showers to turn wintry locally in lower levels in Scotland. Breezy, with strong gusts when in showers giving a cold feel to the weather. Tops of 5C in north and 7C in south

Thursday 30/11/23

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th, 16.11. various clouds, light rain  - 12° 95%
Fr, 17.11. various clouds, heavy rain  -  90%
Sa, 18.11. various clouds, light rain  -  85%
Su, 19.11. cloudy, light rain  -  70%
Mo, 20.11. various clouds, light rain  -  65%
Tu, 21.11. cloudy, light rain  - 10° 60%
We, 22.11. various clouds, heavy rain  -  60%
Th, 23.11. various clouds, heavy rain  -  55%
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