Week ahead - November 20, 2023
Cloudy at first
Colder air by weekend

A little showery rain in the north at times, but becoming mostly dry and clear for many by the weekend

Some drier and brighter conditions expected early next week in particular.

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Thursday 23/11/23
A subtle change across northwestern Scotland as winds change to a northwesterly, but elsewhere a mostly dry day with plenty of cloud and the odd spot of rain across northern and western Scotland, mostly light in nature. Highs of 7C in northwest Scotland, 13C in southern England.

Friday 24/11/23
Colder air extends through many parts of the United Kingdom, with clearer conditions for most through the day after an initial frost in northern and central areas. As winds turn northerly, the occasional wintry shower is expected in northern and eastern areas, although shouldnt amount to much away from the highest ground. Highs of just 3C in northern Scotland, 9C in southern England.

Saturday 25/11/23
Another clear and cold day across many parts of the country as northerly winds persist. A widespread frost at first, well below zero celsius across the far north as isolated showers develop along northern and eastern coasts, mostly of rain but possibly a little sleet or wet snow. Highs of 2C in Scotland to just 7C in the far south.

Sunday 26/11/23
A little less cold air arriving in the far west of Ireland as a weather front tries to build in from the west during the afternoon, but a mostly dry and clear day across much of England, Wales and Scotland as high pressure remains in control across much of the country. Much like Saturday, a few scattered showers are expected close to the northern and eastern coasts but mostly dry and sunny inland, and staying cold. Highs of 3 to 8C north to south.

Monday 27/11/23
A weakening weather front pushes south and east across the UK, although shouldnt produce much if any rainfall although cloud may thicken a little from the west, with temperatures possibly a little higher across England and Wales. Highs of 3C in northern Scotland but 10C in southwest England.

Tuesday 28/11/23
High pressure looks likely to be in control, centred across England and Wales and staying cool or chilly with some mist or fog patches to start. Possibility of a little rain or drizzle on western coasts courtesy of a dying weather front. A little less cold with highs of 5C to 11C north to south.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Tu, 21.11. various clouds, light rain  - 10° 75%
We, 22.11. various clouds, light rain  - 11° 80%
Th, 23.11. cloudy  - 11° 75%
Fr, 24.11. mostly sunny  -  70%
Sa, 25.11. mostly sunny  -  65%
Su, 26.11. various clouds  -  65%
Mo, 27.11. various clouds  - 10° 60%
Tu, 28.11. various clouds, light rain  - 11° 55%
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