UK Forecast - December 31, 2023
Rain widely by evening
Mild in south

New Year's Day
Largely dry with variable cloud for central and eastern England and Wales. Cloud thickening from the southwest ahead of drizzle then rain moving in later. Showery conditions in the north and west, showers locally more widespread over northern England for a time in the morning. Possible hail, plus snow over the hills and mountains. Drier across eastern Scotland. Highs 5 to 9C, locally up to 12C southwest.

Monday night
Heavy rain sweeps in from the southwest across much of England and Wales. Increasingly windy, coastal gales. Snow over hills in northern England, possibly reaching southern Scotland, rain on lowest ground. Dry for much of Scotland. Rain also affects Northern Ireland. Showers follow into southwest Britain, but rain may set in again here. Lows 0 to 4C north, frost in the Highlands; mild 5 to 10C south.

Frontal systems moving across England and Wales with spells of heavy rain. Risk of gales for the English Channel. Areas of rain and hill snow for northern England and southern Scotland, tending to push northwards into the Highlands with easterly winds here. Drier toward the far northwest. Patchy rain or drizzle then and a few showers for Ireland. Very mild in the south at 10 to 14C, cooler in the north 5 to 9C.

A generally unsettled day with rain or showers in the west and north. Heavy bursts for Wales and southwest England may bring hail and thunder locally. Showers running eastward along the English Channel coast. Drier for the eastern Midlands and East Anglia, a lot of cloud and limited sun. Windy in the south, lighter winds further north. Fairly mild overall, highs 6 to 10C, but chillier in northern Scotland.

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