UK Forecast - December 03, 2023
Wet, dreary, cold for some
More rain for some tonight

A wet start to the week over much of Wales, the northern Midlands, East Anglia and northern England. Some snow over the hills of Wales and northern England and murky for many areas too. Drier and cloudy in parts of southern England but some heavy showers developing in the south and southwest. Scotland has some sleety rin in central and eastern areas. Brighter in the west with sunshine and fair in much of Ireland too, although again some sleety rain in estern ares here. This afternoon stays wet cross northern England and southern Scotland with more rain in Wales, the Midlands and southern England. Rain my turn back to snow in parts of Wales and the high ground of the West Midlands. Cloud and some rain eastern Scotland but the west stays bright as does much of Ireland away from eastern coasts. Milder in the for south at 7C, 2 to 4C in northern England, 5C in Scotland and Ireland.

Monday Night
Rain gain overnight in much of northern England and southern Scotland, some sleet and snow oni hill tops. A further area of snow may continue over parts of Wales and the high ground of the West Midlands and Shropshire. Some wintry showers in northeast Scotland. Fair in the west with clear skies. Scattered showers in eastern Ireland but fair under clear skies in the west. Lows at -6C in western Scotland, -2C in Ireland, -1C in northern England and 6C in southern England.

Low pressure in the southern North Sea on Tuesday brings a cooler north ot northeast flow to all areas. Showers over eastern coasts, some of them wintry. Elsewhere the showers should fade with conditions then becoming brighter and mostly dry. Best sunshine in Scotland, Wales and parts of northwest England although some showers could affect eastern Ireland and parts of Cornwall. Highs around 3 to 7C.

Fronts pushing east on Wednesday bringing rain to Ireland. Winds increasing here too and the rain will be turning heavy in the south. A fair start for the United Kingdom but cloud increasing in the west. This will bring rain to Wales and southwest England in the afternoon as the wind strengthen here too. Plenty of sunshine in the afternoon for eastern Scotland and northeast England. Tops at 5C in the east, 14C in the far southwest of England.