UK Forecast - December 25, 2023
Fine Boxing Day
Heavy rain, hill snow Wednesday

Boxing Day
Fine and bright conditions as a ridge of high pressure builds over Ireland. A largely dry and breezy day. Brief early showers for Wales and northwest England. Some rain coming in from the southwest in the evening. Local rain and snow showers near coastal regions of Scotland. The best of sunshine in the east of the British Isles, but with a fair amount of high cloud starting to build from the southwest over England and Wales. Cooler temperatures of 8C in the south, and 5C in the north.

Boxing Day night
Rain sweeps in from the southwest to become widespread, setting in heavily for western Britain and across most of Ireland. Snowfall over the hills in northern England then southern Scotland. Strengthening winds, gales around coasts. Northern Scotland stays drier with a frost in Highland glens. Otherwise temperatures lifting during the night, typically 5 to 10C, mildest in the south.

Low pressure to the southwest pushes fronts northwards over England, Wales and Ireland, bringing heavy rain to many places. Snow on the hills in the north Pennines and into southern Scotland, a risk of snow falling to lower elevations for a time, remaining persistent for the Scottish Highlands. Drier toward the far north of Scotland, but a strong easterly wind. Southwesterlies gusting gale force in the south. Highs 3C north, to 12C south.

Low pressure spirals toward the North Sea, strong winds for many - westerly in the south, turning northerly for the north, risk of gales especially in the north of Britain and Ireland. Drier and brighter at times in eastern areas. Areas of rain and heavy showers, snow over the hills in northern England and Scotland, possibly to some lower ground for periods. Highs 3 to 9C.

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