UK Forecast - December 01, 2023
Remaining cold over weekend
Fog and frost, snow later

Remaining cold, frost and fog slow to clear from many inland areas of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. Where this persists temperatures will remain near 0C for much of the day, wind will be light and variable to calm. Where fog and frost tend to lift and clear, the day will be dry with sunshine and temperatures will slowly and briefly reach 1C for Lancashire to Yorkshire and Humberside, and to 3C for Midlands, south and southwest England. With onshore west to southwest winds, fresh at times, western coasts from Western Isles to Scilly Isles, through the Irish Sea will have amix of sunny spells mainly scattered showers, though some, often snow and organised for southwest Scotland running onto Antrim coasts, Dumfries and Galloway to Cumbria, Anglesey and Gwynedd to Dyfed and north shores of Cornwall. Coastal showers will continue in the west and disperse on eastern coasts later.

Saturday Night
A dry mainly clear evening and night for Midlands, southern and eastern England with fog and frost becoming widespread, temperatures -1C soon into the evening becoming severe before dawn, lows -8C for Cheshire to Yorkshire, Welsh Marches, south Midlands and southern England, else generally -4C. Elsewhere Scotland and Northern Ireland showers will fade through the night allowing and with clearing skies frost will become widespread, -8C in central Highland of Scotland and -4C in Antrim. A cloudy night for Dyfed, Avon and Somerset to Devon and Cornwall as a small area of low pressure both develops in Irish Sea and moves southwards. This will give a period of snow, especially with height and rain on windward coasts before dawn. Temperatures near 0C.

An elongated trough of low pressure through the Irish Sea coupled with a depression initally over south Wales will track eastwards through to Kent and Essex during the morning with a mix of rain and snow, snow occurring with height and windward southeast slopes. A period of snow is also likely from Black Mountains in Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire Cotswolds and the North Downs of Surrey, temperatures 0C to 2C with a fresh east wind. For the remainder of northern and eastern England and Scotland, Northern Ireland remainig cold though dry with sunshine temperatures 0C to 4C and light to varible winds. Fog and frost will be evident through the evening and overnight. Lowest temperatures -8 central Scotland, -4C norther England, and -2C where cloud persists overnight and winds freshen from the east. This beng associated with a deepening depression located off southwest approaches.

A developing and deepening depression tracks along the English Channel through the day. Winds will freshen from the east. Cloud along with a mix of snow and then rain will affect most of England and Wales through the morning and the then north and northeast England during the afternoon and eastern Scotland by evening. Snow is likely to be heavy and prolonged on windward facing slopes of Wales, Costwolds, Chilterns and Shropshire and Stafforshire Hills, into Yorkshire and Grampians. Temperatures close to 0C where snow occurs and 2 to 4C with rain.

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