UK Forecast - December 27, 2023
Breezy with occasional rain
Heavy persistent rain in Northwest

Low pressure to the northwest of the UK, will bring further cloudy skies with showers or longer spells of rain, this possibly more persistent and heavy for a time over the Hebrides, Northwest Highlands, Strathclyde and northwest England. Some hill snow is expected over the Northwest and central Highlands later in the afternoon, but with no significant accumulations. Best of the drier weather over the Northern Isles. It will breezy for all, but with strong winds or even near gale force winds in far western exposure. Temperature will rise up to 5-6C across Northern Ireland and Scotland, but 8-9C across England and Wales.

Thursday Night
Through the evening it will remain fairly cloudy across most areas, with possibly a longer spell of rain over west Scotland with some snow over higher ground. Further south some clear spells, with some light rain mostly over northwest England and Wales. Minimum temperature will down to 4-5C over Scotland, but 8-9C elsewhere.

A mix of sunny spells and outbreaks of light rain over England and Wales. Further north thick cloud will give some rain, a bit more heavy at times mostly over Scotland where we should expect some snow over high ground. Breezy but strengthening winds over Scotland later. Temperature will rise up to 9C over England and Wales, up to 5C over Northern Ireland and southern Scotland, but only up to 3C over north Scotland with an increased wind chill there. Widespread frost with a risk of icy stretched overnight over north Scotland.

A dry start to the day for the east but soon rain and strong winds will spread from the west. Rain will be heavy at times over Northern Ireland, Wales and northwest England in the morning, but then later moving across southwest Scotland. Elsewhere the rain will more light and patchy, with the driest condition across the Northern Isles. Snow is expected over higher ground in Scotland. Light winds at first for most, but strengthening through the day with some near gale force winds in western exposure. Maximum temperature at 8-10C for most, but for Scotland where expect 3-5C.

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