UK Forecast - December 20, 2023
Windy with occasional heavy rain in northwest
Drier south and east

Another mostly cloudy and breezy day with outbreaks of rain across many areas, but this more persistent and possibly heavy over north and west Scotland as well as Northern Ireland. Best of the drier conditions over southern England. As the day progresses, the air over Scotland will become colder, with rain turning into snow over higher ground. Breezy with strong winds over north and west, with gusts reaching gales force over Northern Isles as well as in exposure over northern Scotland. Maximum temperature at 7C in Scotland, but still mild elsewhere with topsoil 12-13C.

Thursday Night
A cloudy evening and night will follow with further outbreaks of rain and some hill snow over Scotland. Windy with gales developing in far north, with the minimum temperature at 4C over Scotland but in double figures over England and Wales.


Some higher pressure will extend over Southern Ireland and southwest England with mostly dry conditions expected throughout the day. Further north expect outbreaks of rain, light for most. Later in the day, and more specifically through the evening, a longer spell of rain is expected over Scotland and possibly northern England. Rain will turn into snow over higher ground across Scotland, before turning back to rain overnight into Saturday. Winds will be lighter than of late, but still strong in exposure over Scotland. A colder day across Scotland with maximum temperature at 5C, but still tops into double figures elsewhere.

Mostly dry weather with brightness or a few sunny spells over England and Wales. Thick cloud further north with outbreaks of rain merging into longer spells of rain mostly over Northern Ireland and western Scotland, where it may be heavy and persistent. Rain will slide southwards in the evening, with some heavier rain expected over northwest England and Wales. Fresh winds but strong in western exposure. Maximum temperature at 5C in north but 10C in south. However milder air will spread north later in the day with increasing temperatures.

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