UK Forecast - December 30, 2023
Heavy showers west & south
Severe gales south

New Year's Eve
A bright and breezy morning for many areas for the final morning of 2023. Heavy showers west Wales and southern England with a risk of severe gales in the south. A few showers in Ireland and southwest Scotland but drier elsewhere. This afternoon sees further heavy showers in Wales and southwest England as well as along southern coasts. Sunny spells and more scattered showers but chilly and windy in Ireland. A few showers in southwest Scotland as well as northeast Scotland. Drier elsewhere with plenty of cloud. Highs at 4C in northern Scotland, 8C in southeast England.

New Year's Night
A windy arrival for 2024 in England, Wales and Ireland with gales in the west and south. Heavy showers, some thundery across west and north Wales, northwest England and the north and west of Ireland. Further showers northern and western Scotland. Broken cloud in many other areas. Lows at 0C in central Scotland, 6C in southern England.

New Year's Day
A bright start to 2024 for many. Sunny spells in Wales, the Midlands and southern England, mostly dry although one or two showers in the west. heavier showers could affect northwest England and southwest Scotland, these merging to longer spells of rain. Eastern areas should be dry and bright. This afternoon stays bright in the east and north. A few showers on western coasts with cloud increasing to the southwest and through Ireland. Highs at 4 to 7C for many, 10C in the southwest.

A front passing north and east on Tuesday taking a fragmenting area of rain with it. Mostly in the Midlands, East Anglia, northern England and Northern Ireland in the morning, then into Scotland in the afternoon, heavy in the west. Heavy showers following through Ireland, England and Wales, some thundery. Some drier weather in Ireland later, although rain turn heavy and thundery in eastern England and eastern Scotland for a time. Highs near 5C northern Scotland, 14C southeast England.

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