UK Forecast - December 07, 2023
Periods of rain
Windy, coastal gales

Low pressure centred close to Northern Ireland. Heavy showers or longer spells of rain and strong winds in southwest Scotland, northwest England and Wales, also much of Ireland. Local thundery bursts. Showery for southwest England. Rain moving further across southern Scotland and northern England by afternoon. Drier for central, south and eastern England with some bright spells. Northern Scotland also drier. Brisk southwest winds, gales near coasts in west. Highs 7 to 11C.

Friday night
Areas of rain likely to continue for central Scotland and northwest England into the evening, slowly fading overnight. A frontal system moves in from the southwest with heavy rain for Ireland, Wales and southwest England, spreading into central England before dawn. Southerly winds increasing in the southwest. Some local clear spells in eastern England and northern Scotland. Slight frost some northern glens, but most places staying around 5C or above, mildest in the southwest.

Fronts passing east over England during Saturday morning. Extensive rain, heavy bursts passing through in the morning although persisting through the day in central and eastern Scotland with a risk of flooding. Heavy showers follow on brisk westerly winds to western Scotland, Wales and western England as well as much of central and western Ireland. Coastal gales in the south and west. Highs at 8C in northern Scotland, 13C in southeast England.

Low pressure pushes in from the west bringing heavy rain and strong winds. Eastern England and Scotland start dry, but rain sweeps eastwards across Britain during the day. Heaviest falls over western hills in Wales, northwest England and southwest Scotland. Persistent rain for Northern Ireland too. Gales developing around coasts in the west. Mild temperatures in the south 11 to 14C, cooler north at 6 to 9C.

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