UK Forecast - December 15, 2023
Cloudy, dry and mild over weekend
Cloudy with rain western Scotland, coastal gales

Pressure rising from the south over England and Wales will give a dry day though cloudy to start and through to mid-morning. Cloud will tend to break later in the morning and into the afternoon with some sunny spells across Devon to Avon, Oxfordshire central areas of Midlands, Welsh Marches, Cheshire to Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, across Norfolk into Hampshire and Kent with temperatutures briefly 10 to 12C. Winds will be moderate southwest. Cloud will be more persistent for Lancashire to Cumbria, into Dumfries and Galloway and into Highland with a rather dull morning and afternoon temperatures 8 to 10C and a fresh southwest wind. Eastern Scotland through Aberdenshire to Tayside and Borders dry with some sunshine as cloud tends to break at time during the afternoon. Outbreaks of rain prolonged and often heavy will run across all of northwest Scotland from late morning into the afternoon, temperatures 8C with shelter to 11C along windward coasts, with coastal gales and high windchill with exposure and height.

Saturday Night
Cloudy with rain continuing through the evening thogh becoming patchy overnight for north Highland and western and northern Isles a windy night with fresh to gale southwest winds, temperaures steady 8 to 10C. Further more prolonged rain into all of western Scoltand and then Northern Ireland later in the night and early morning. Some patchy coastal rain or drizzle for Cumbria and north Wales. temperaures 8C. Remainder of England and Wales dry though cloudy and breezy overnight temperaures 6 to 8C. A mix of low cloud mist and fog wil be evident on southwest facing coasts and headlands for Wales, Cumbria, Devon and Cornwall.

A cloudy morning with low cloud, mist and fog for western coasts of England and Wales, some drizzle for Irish Sea coasts and into Cumbria. Outbreaks of patchy rain into southwest Scotland and Northern Ireland during the morning. For the remainder of eastern England, Midlands and southern England a dry day with variable cloud so some sunshine during the later morning into the early to mid-afternoon most likely to the east and lee of higher ground. Temperatures briefly 10 to 11 generally perhaps 12 to 13 for Clwyd and Cheshire, Shropshire, Lincolnshire to Kent. Cloudy for most though the evening rain clearing southwards from Scotland into northern and western England and Wales as welll as Northern Ireland. Temperatures overnight 8 to 10C

Colder for Scotland, rain during the day moving from Northern Ireland and Western Isles then remainder of Scotland and nortern England including northeast with outbreaks of rain. Once rain clears showers will follow with a chnageof wind direction to northwest with a fall in temperature. For the remainder of England and Wales a dry day though cloudy some sunshine further east mild with temperatures 10 to 13C notably east Wales to Cheshire, Shropshire, Yorkshire to Lincolnshire.