UK Forecast - April 21, 2024
Cool in the east
Milder in the west

A cool start in the southeast, with a touch of ground frost, and then cloud and drizzle in the afternoon. Some hazy sunshine in East Anglia. A few light showers in the north as the cold front moves through, and then starting to brighten up from the north in Scotland through the afternoon. Staying dry across Ireland, with cloud building as the day progresses. A notable temperature contrast, with highs of 10C in the east of England and reaching 17C in the west of Ireland.

Monday Night
Patchy cloud in the north, staying dry for Scotland and Ireland. Overcast in Midlands and southern England, with some light drizzle and showers in central regions. Dry and cloudy across Wales and the southwest. Temperature lows of 1C in the north and 5C in the southwest.

A brighter start in the north on Tuesday morning, with some drizzle and light showers in the south. As the day progresses, it begins to brighten up, with broken cloud and sunny spells, particularly in the north and west. Cloudier in the southeast, with one or two local showers in the afternoon. Once again a spread of temperatures, with highs of 8C in the east, and 14C in the west.

Cool northerly breezes across the country. A scattering of showers mixed with sunny spells. Often cloudy in eastern counties, locally more frequent showers near to North Sea coasts. Sunshine best toward the southwest of England, also Northern Ireland and western Scotland. A touch of frost at dawn where skies are clear. Max temperatures 7C to 13C, coolest in the east, mildest in sunnier western spots.