UK Forecast - April 14, 2024
Heavy showers with hail
Strong chilly winds

A cold front sweeps southeastwards early in the day - a band of rain with heavy bursts affects southeastern England, clearing by late morning. Showery conditions widely, most places seeing bursts of rain on and off, most frequent across northern areas, risk of hail and isolated thunder. Some sunny spells away from showers. Fewer and lighter showers in the far south and southwest of England. Windy for all and feeling chilly. Highs 9 to 12C.

Monday night
Clusters of showers continue to affect northern and some central areas, most frequent near windward coasts in the north and west of Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Snow over higher ground in northern Scotland. Mostly dry toward the south of England. Broken cloud and clear spells. Staying windy across all areas, risk of gales near to eastern coasts of England. Sheltered Highland glens may drop to freezing. Lows typically 4 to 7C.

A dry start for many with sunshine and broken cloud. Local areas of showers near to coasts in the west from early morning. Cloud bubbling up into the early afternoon, a scattering of showers developing, locally heavy with hail. Greatest risk from northern England into the East Midlands. Some places escaping dry. Feeling cool in the northwesterly breeze, but pleasant in the sun. Highs 10 to 13C.

Staying cool. Many places starting dry and bright with sunshine best in central and southern areas. Showers around coasts in northern Scotland and Wales, locally grazing eastern England. A scattering of showers then forming more widely inland into the afternoon, brief local heavy bursts with hail, mainly toward the east. Drizzly rain may move into Northern Ireland. Local slight frost at first. Highs 9 to 12C.

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