UK Forecast - April 27, 2024
Rain, cold east
Fair, drier west

A wet morning across much of eastern and central England with a risk of some heavy bursts of rain. Drier in western areas, some sunny spells here. Good spells of sunshine in eastern Ireland, but cloud and some showers in the far west of Ireland. The rain only slowly clearing eastern England in the afternoon, although heavy brain in northeast Scotland. Sunny spells and drier for other areas, a few showers in the southwest. More widespread showers affecting Ireland. Highs at a cold 8C in the east, 11C in western areas, 13C in Ireland.

Sunday Night
Rain clears from northern Scotland overnight. Drier for other areas with clear spells developing. Heavier showers affecting Wales and western England. Some more persistent rain in Ireland. Lows at 2 to 5C.


Low pressure west of Scotland. Wet in Ireland with rain here, but drier in other parts with the best sunshine always in the east. The front in Ireland gives cloud and rain over western Scotland, Wales and the far west of England this afternoon. Drier in central, eastern and many southern areas, sunny in the southeast. Some showers for Ireland, these heavy. Tops at a milder 16C in the east, 12C in the west.

Low pressure slips over Ireland on Tuesday. Rain in western Scotland, western Wales and southwest England. A further area of showery rain drifting through eastern England. Drier in-between these areas with some sunny spells. Bright in the rest of Scotland with sunny spells too, although some showers in the east. Highs at a mild 18C in the east, 11C in the west.