Europe forecast - April 27, 2024
Low pressure UK to Biscay
sunshine and showers

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 26 April 2024
Duty forecaster: John

Saturday 27/04/2024
Cool and cloudy with a mix of rain, prolonged at times for south and eastern England, across Denmark and into southern and central Norway and Sweden, throught the morning with showers to follow into the afternoon, temperatures 8 to 10C generally, 14C for Denmark and southern Sweden. High latitude Norway and Sweden and Finland, dry though cloudy temperature near or below 0C. Mainly dry though rather cloudy there will be sunshine from Poland to Estonia across Belarus to Ukraine, temperature 10C at first in the morning 15C generally during the afternoon. Central regions including Germany, Netherland and Belgium to Switzerland and into Austria rather cloudy to start during the morning though staying dry temperature 15 to 17C. Continuing dry with broken cloud and sunshine during the afternon with increasing sunshine, becoming warm 18 to 20C locally 22C with likely diurnal scattered showers. Any showers fading through the eveing to give a dry night. For France clusters of showers through the morning for Channel coastal strips, along with Atlantic shores whilst for southern and southeast rain will be prolonged and heavy through the morning and into the afternoon with temperatures 12 to 14C with showers and 8 to 10C with rain. Across remaining central areas sunshine and scattered showers 15 to 17C. Sunshine and showers for Portugal and Spain especially coastal fringes with showers into the afternoon 14 to 16 widely 10 to 12 along northern coasts and with height. Sunny and warm for Italy though Croatia to Albania and into Greece with prolonged sunshine and high UV. Scattered showers developing across se Turkey

Sunday 28/04
Generally cloudy southern England across Denmark to southern Sweden with outbreaks of rain during the morning, rain moving into higher latitudes of Sweden with snow across Norway, Norway where temperatures will be close to 0C. Sunshine and showers along Channel coasts and near inland through France, Belgium and Netherlands 16 to 18 generally near 22C Luxembourg and into central Germany and through central regions of France. For se France rain will be heavy and prolonged, with outbreaks of snow across Pyrenees, rain will move away through the eveing into Switzerland and Italian Alps thuogh Austria. Remaining dry sunny and warm across Spain, Italy to Bosnia and surrounds, into Albania and Greece to Turkey 20 to 22 gernally up to 26C away from coastal stretches, continuing high UV.