UK Forecast - April 08, 2024
Wet & windy
Brighter west & south

Low pressure dominating today, centred off eastern coasts. Heavy periods of rain through this morning in eastern Scotland, northern England, Wales and the Midlands. Gales across eastern Ireland, Wales and most of England with gusts of 50mph. Drier in western Scotland and much of Ireland as well as southwest England, sunny spells here. This afternoon sees the rain continuing in eastern England and eastern Scotland, Turning drier and brighter in the west and south with the winds easing. Highs at 7C in northern Scotland, 12C in southern England.

Tuesday Night
Rain in eastern areas finally clearing by dark. Then a dry start to the night for many as a ridge of high pressure builds. Cloud increases in Ireland bringing rain here after midnight. The rain reaches southwest Wales and southwest England by morning. Lows at 1 to 5C with a touch of ground frost in places.

Fronts spread east on Wednesday bringing windier conditions, cloud and rain. The rain heaviest in western Scotland and western Ireland with western and southern coasts and hills of England and Wales increasingly foggy and murky. The day starts fine in central and eastern areas of England and Scotland, but then cloud thickens and rain arrives from the west. Perhaps dry in the far southeast until evening. Highs at 10 to 15C in an increasing southwest wind which will be to gale force in the north and west.

A weak front afecting southern Ireland and southern England on Thursday bringing cloud here. Some drizzle on coasts and hills facing the wind. A few showers in western Scotland. Elsewhere a fair amount of cloud and dry, although some brighter spells in the east. A warm day for all with temperatures at 12C in the far northwest of Scotland, but more widely 16 to 19C.


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