UK Forecast - April 23, 2024
Cool mix of sunshine and showers
Overnight ground and air frost

Wednesday 24 April
Overnight ground and air frost for Scotland and northern England will clear by mid-morning to give a dry sunny start for all temperatures 2C generally 5 to 7C mid-morning. Continuing dry and sunny for all during the remainder of the morning and continuing with sunshine into the afternoon. Becoming rather cloudy late morning and into the afternoon across Yorkshire through to Kent and Sussex with scattered showers running onto North Sea coasts. Cool for all temperatures 6 to 8C where cloud persists along coasts, 10-12C elsewhwere briefly 14C Somerset to Dorset. Winds generally light though fresher along North Sea coasts with windchill.

Wednesday night
Continuing dry through the evening with variable to broken cloud though most cloud dispersing early into the night, temperature 3 to 5C mid-evening. Where cloud remains broken through the night widespread ground and patchy air frost is likely across central and eastern England, eastern Wales with temperaure close to 0C.

Thursday 25 April
Ground and air frost to clear by mid-morning across Scotland to northern England. A cool though mainly dry day with sunshine and variable cloud for most, 6 to 8C across Scotland and northern England, 10C elsewhere by early afternoon. Remaining cloudy through the afternoon with scattered showers across SE Scotland, NW to NE England and later for SE England, temperature reaminig around 10C though briefly 12C for SW England. Ground and air frost overnight across Scotland and into northern England

Friday 26 April
A cloudy start for most, outbreaks of rain through the morning across Antrim to Lancashire, most of Wales to midlands and later E.Anglia to Kent 6 to 8C for Scotland, northern England to midlands with limited sunshine. Devon through Wiltshire to Berkshire broken cloud briefly to 13C during the afternoon, along with coastal SW Scotland with sunshine.