UK Forecast - March 31, 2024
Periods of rain
Cool north, milder south

Rain and low cloud affecting northern England much of the day, plus north Wales in the morning. Fairly cloudy but mostly dry morning and early afternoon for the Midlands and southeastern England. Showery rain on and off toward southwest England. Risk of some showery bursts developing later afternoon for the Home Counties into the south Midlands and south Wales. Rain nudges into southern Scotland and Northern Ireland. Drier across northern Scotland. Highs 8 to 14C.

Monday night
Rain and drizzle moves into southern and central Scotland, rain also continues to affect northeast England, fading during the night here. Showery rain for south and west Wales, also southwest England. A little drizzle for northern England. Mainly dry for central and eastern England, some clear spells. Local mist patches forming. A few wintry showers in northeast Scotland. Lows 2 to 6C, a touch of frost possible in rural areas if skies clear.

Patchy rain for central England and Wales, then heavier rain spreads in from the southwest during the day, setting in across southern England and Wales. Strengthening southerly winds. Rain for eastern Scotland, plus hill snow, brisk easterly winds in the north. Patchy rain for central-southern Scotland and Northern Ireland. Mostly dry for east & northeastern England, light winds. Cool in Scotland at 7 to 10C, highs reaching 11 to 15C for England, Wales and Ireland, warmest east.

Low pressure spirals northwards bringing rain and low cloud to northern England, southern Scotland and Northern Ireland. Showery for central England and Wales. Risk of more frequent bursts of rain in the south, gusty winds through the English Channel. Brighter for northwest Scotland with an easterly breeze here. Highs 7 to 10C north, up to 14C in central and southern England.