Europe forecast - March 31, 2024
Unsettled in north and west Europe.
Becoming very warn in southeast.

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 31st March 2024
Duty forecaster: Filotas Paschos

Unsettled for the northwest, but very warm weather in southeast.

A cloudy day for Portugal and Spain with outbreaks of rain and snow on the mountains, strong winds too. A rather cloudy day for France with outbreaks of rain spreading north and strong winds over southern coasts. Mostly dry and bright for the United Kingdom but rain arriving in far south in the evening. Cloudy over Ireland with outbreaks of rain. A rather cloudy day for the Low Countries with outbreaks of rain. Mostly cloudy in north and west Germany with some rain, elsewhere drier and brighter. A bright day with sunny spells over Poland. Mostly cloudy for Denmark and Sweden with some light rain, but drier brighter over Norway. Cloudy for Finland and the Baltic States with some light rain. Bright with sunny spells for Belarus and Ukraine.
A rather cloudy day with outbreaks of rain for Switzerland and Austria and snow on the mountains. Mostly dry with sunny spells for Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. Sunny over Romania and the Balkans.
Cloudy with outbreaks of rain for the Balearics. A dry bright start for Sardinia and Corsica with rain arriving later. Cloudy with rain for north Italy but drier brighter in south. A sunny day for Greece, Turkey and Cyprus even though hazy.

A breezy day with further cloud and outbreaks of rain for Portugal. Some light rain in places over Spain with snow on the mountains, but drier in the evening. Outbreaks of rain for France, and the British Isles. Some heavy rain for the Low Countries and breezy. Heavy rain for Germany, especially for the north, but brighter in far south. A dry bright start for Poland, but cloud and rain arrives later. Cloudy for Denmark, Sweden and Norway with outbreaks of rain. A cloudy day for Finland and the Baltic States with some rain. Same for Belarus and western Ukraine.
A band of heavy rain in the morning over Switzerland and Austria, moving over Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia in the afternoon. Some rain for Romania and northern Balkans.
Some early rain for the Balearics, but drier brighter later. Rain through the morning for Sardinia and Corsica but sunny spells later. Rain spreading south over Italy but becoming more light and patchy. Hazy sunshine for Greece and Turkey and feeling very warm. Sunny and very warm for Cyprus.