UK Forecast - April 10, 2024
Fresh winds, rain for north and west.
Drier but rather cloudy in south.

The day will start fairly dry across most parts with bright spells, even sunny spells over north Scotland. Through the afternoon Central and southern England will stay cloudy but dry as high pressure will extend over these areas. However, further north and west, cloudy will be thick and will give outbreaks of rain, possibly heavy over western parts of Ireland. It will feel warm with the temperature rising up to around 15C in north and 17C in south.

Thursday Night
Through the evening and night south will remain mostly dry but cloudy, but elsewhere rain will spread north and east, being possibly heavy over southwest Scotland. Overnight most rain will clear to the North Sea, with some showers remaining over Northwest England and Wales. Another night with minimum temperature remaining at low double figures over most parts.

Southern parts remain fairly dry with bright or sunny spells. Over Ireland and Scotland rather cloudy with some showers, but a longer spell of rain is possible over northern and western Ireland as well as northern and western Scotland, where it will be heavy for a time later in the evening. Some rain possible for Northwest England and Wales too. Increasingly windy through the day, with strong winds over northern and western Scotland later. Maximum temperatures at 12C in north and 17C in south.

A rather cloudy day for most on Saturday with outbreaks of rain for northern parts of Ireland and Scotland, but elsewhere it will be a generally dry morning. Some light rain will push south later in the afternoon. Temperature will rise up to around 10C in north and 14C in south.