Week ahead - April 10, 2024
Settled conditions for south and east.
Some rain, possibly heavy elsewhere.

High pressure to the south, still outbreaks of rain for north and west.

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Saturday 13/04/2024
A rather cloudy day for most on Saturday with outbreaks of rain for northern parts of Ireland and Scotland, but elsewhere it will be a generally dry morning. Some light rain will push south later in the afternoon. Temperature will rise up to around 10C in north and 14C in south.

Sunday 14/04/2024
A mostly dry and bright start for all, but soon thick cloud arrives from northwest with frequent showers especially over the northern and western areas. A longer spell of rain is expected over Scotland in the afternoon, with some snow over the Highlands. Strengthening winds, and feeling cooler than of late with maximum temperatures at 9C in north, and 12C in south.

Monday 15/04/2024
A rather cloudy and showery day for most areas, with shower being wintry over the Highlands. Showers will be heavy for the northwest, with a rumble of thunder. Becoming drier over Ireland in the evening, with the drier conditions spreading east overnight into Tuesday. A brisk northwesterly wind will keep the temperature at 9C in north, and 12C in south. Cooler overnight with frost expected in the north.

Tuesday 16/04/2024
High pressure will gradually push in from the west, offering generally dry condition for most areas even through rather cloudy. Some showers are possible for Scotland later in the day, a few on the heavy side for Northern Isles. Maximum temperatures at high single figures for most. Patchy frost overnight in north.


Wednesday 17/04/2024
Western areas will see mostly dry but rather cloudy conditions, while further north and east expect the cloud to give some rain, this possibly heavy over the eastern parts. Breezy with maximum temperatures at 10C in north and 12C in south. Patchy frost overnight over Scotland.


Thursday 18/04/2024
Apart from a few showers in the morning, it seems possible for anticyclonic condition to extend over most areas, with dry condition prevailing. Maximum temperatures at 8C in north and 10C in south.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th,11.04. cloudy, light rain  - 17° 95%
Fr,12.04. cloudy, light rain  - 17° 95%
Sa,13.04. cloudy, light rain  - 14° 90%
Su,14.04. various clouds, rain  - 12° 90%
Mo,15.04. various clouds, heavy rain  - 12° 85%
Tu,16.04. cloudy  - 10° 80%
We,17.04. cloudy, light rain  - 12° 75%
Th,18.04. various clouds  - 10° 75%
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