Week ahead - April 12, 2024
Remaining unsettled with rain for Scotland
Sunshine and becoming warm for weekend

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Monday 15/04/2024
Cloudy with outbreaks of rain throughout the day, prolonged at times clearing from the northwest through the afternoon and into the evening though likely slow to clear southeast by evening. Wind fresh NW so a cooler day temperatures 10 to 12 in south, elsewhere 8 to 10C midlands, 6to 8C north and Scotland. A dry night to follow with windespread ground and patchy air frost Scotland and northern England.

Tuesday 16/04/2024
Windy and cool for all, a mix of sunshine and showers with variable cloud during the day showers will be frequent across Scotland especially windward coasts temperatures 6 to 8C with high windchill along coasts and with height. Mainly cloudy with showers for many across eastern England along North Sea coasts, 8 to 10C generally. Showers mainly clearing through the evening with sunshine and a dry night to follow, patchy ground and air frost Scoland, 0C elsewhwre 3 to 5C.

Wednesday 17/04/2024
Cloudy with rain prolonged and heavy in western Scotland to start, later across central and by eveing clearing across eastern Scotland with sunshine and showers following in from the west. Cool 6 to 8C with fresh NW wind. Generally cloudy for Wales and England with variable cloud and sunshine midlands to southwest including Wales 9 to 11C, cloudy with a mix of patchy outbreaks of rain or showers and sunshine for eastern England slow to clear in southeast. Further outbreaks of rain overnight in southeast, elsewhere mainly dry with variable cloud 4C in Scotland to 8C southeast.

Thursday 18/04/2024
Cloudy with outbreaks of rain slow to clear southeast through the morning, elsewhere a mix of sunshine and showers with variable cloud with a fresh NW wind temperatures 10 to 12C for most, 6 to 8C in east with cloud and onshore winds.


Friday 19/04/2024
Cloudy with rain across eastern Scotland to start clearing through the morning. The for most and the remainder of the day dry and mainly sunny with variable cloud becoming warm(er) 10 to 15C across Scotland, 13-16C for England and Wales. Dry sunny evening with a dry fine night to follow, winds light and variable with patchy mist and shallow fog 3 to 5C.

Saturday 20/04/2024
Dry fine and sunny for most, overnight mist and shallow fog clearing by mid-morning as temperature rises quickly with sunshine, from 10C during the morning to a warm 15 to 18C during the afternoon with patchy cloud and light winds. Cloudy though across northern and eastern Scotland with outbreask of rain heavy for a time before clearing eastwards.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa,13.04. various clouds  - 16° 95%
Su,14.04. various clouds  - 12° 95%
Mo,15.04. cloudy, light rain  - 10° 80%
Tu,16.04. cloudy, light rain -1° - 10° 70%
We,17.04. various clouds -1° - 12° 50%
Th,18.04. various clouds  - 12° 50%
Fr,19.04. various clouds  - 16° 50%
Sa,20.04. various clouds  - 18° 50%
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