Week ahead - April 05, 2024
Remaining unsetteld, stormy for Scotland
Sunshine and showers, warming mid-week

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Monday 08/04/2024
Cloudy to start for Cornwall and Devon, later Wales and northwards across Antrim to Western Isles. Else a day of sunshine and frequent blustery often heavy showers, 11C for Scotland, 12 to 14C generally locally 16C with sunshine across Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, Cambrdigeshire to Kent. Remaining windy.

Tuesday 09/04/2024
Overnight rain will continue across all areas of Scotland being prolonged and heavy through the morning and into the afternoon from Fife across to Highland to Western Isles with a mix of sunshine and showers Dumfries to Borders 5 to 7C with fresh W wind. A mix of rain and frequent, blustery showers mainly for Cornwall to Dorset, Wiltshire to Shropshire, across to Northamptonshire, later into Cheshire and running to Dumfries, with sunshine windy 8 to 10C. Sunshine and scattered showers later into the afternoon for Yorkshire southwards to Kent into and during the afternoon. Showers and longer spells of rain Dyfed Worcestershire to Kent later into the evening and persisting for a time overnight.

Wednesday 10/04/2024
Continuing changeable for all areas, with a mix of sunshine and showers though rain will become prolonged and heavy to start across south Wales to Dorset eastwards to Kent, rain slow to clear into the afternoon. Cloudy with rain for Antrim to Clwyd, Western Isles to Cheshire becoming prolonged and heavy during the afteroon, elswhere sunshne and scattered showers 10 to 12 generally, likely 15C Wiltshire to Hampshire with sunshine during the afternoon.

Thursday 11/04/2024
Cloudy with prolonged rain to start Antrim to Western Isles easwards across to Fife and Borders throuth the morning, although slow to clear will become patchy through the afternoon and into the evening. Remainder of England and Wales, mainly clousy with patchy outbreaks of rain most likely Yorkshire to Norfolk. Temperatures 6-8C for Highland, 12-14 Border and Fife, 14-17 from Cheshire and Clwyd, Buckinghamshire to Sussex.

Friday 12/04/2024
A mainly dry and sunny day for all though patchy cloud to start Cumbria through Staffordshire to Kent whihc will break and clear as the morning progresses, beoming warm for most with prologed spells of sunshine, temperatures 10 to 12C to start widely 16 to 18C through the afternoon with light SW wind. Sunny through the evening temperatures 12 to 14C with a dry night to follow.

Saturday 13/04/2024
Cloudy with rain prolonged and heavy Antrim to Cumbria, all of Scotland with a freshening SW wind. Remaining dry with sunshine and variable cloud for England and Wales, warm again 16 to 18C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa,06.04. various clouds, heavy snow -1° - 10° 80%
Su,07.04. various clouds, rain -1° - 12° 80%
Mo,08.04. various clouds, rain  - 16° 60%
Tu,09.04. various clouds, rain  - 14° 60%
We,10.04. various clouds, rain  - 15° 50%
Th,11.04. cloudy, light rain  - 17° 40%
Fr,12.04. various clouds 10° - 18° 40%
Sa,13.04. cloudy, rain 10° - 18° 40%
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