UK Forecast - April 06, 2024
Strong winds and showers
Mild in the south

A windy start, particularly in the northwest, as Storm Kathleen moves across Norway, and another centre of low pressure moves close by. Showers along southeast Scotland, northern England, Wales, and southeast England in the morning. Drier with patchy cloud elsewhere. Patchy showers building across Ireland, turning heavier as the day progresses. In the afternoon, heavier and prolonged showers across Scotland, particularly northern regions, parts of northern England, and southwest England and Wales. Best of the sunshine in the southeast. Feeling mild in the south-westerly flow, with highs of 15C in the south, cooler in the north and west, with highs of 11C.

Sunday Night
In the evening, the showers become patchier across western Scotland. Staying wet across southwestern England, and spreading to central and eastern regions, and turning heavy at times. Light showers along the coast of northern Ireland. Showers in northern England. Overnight, turning drier across southeastern England, northern England, and Ireland. Showers along the western coast of Scotland, with some dotted showers spreading further inland. Persistent showers across Wales and the coast of southwest England. Gusty winds continue. Lows of 7C in the south, 3C in the north and west.

A centre of low pressure tracks eastwards, bringing rain, with heavy bursts mixed in across southern Ireland, spreading to northern parts as the day progresses. Heavy rain too across western England, spreading to central regions in the north. Staying dry and breezy in Scotland, with some breaks in cloud, and turning wet across the Central Belt in the evening. Dry across eastern England, but cloudy, with rain overnight. Highs of 15C in the south, and 10C in the north and west.

A small but vigorous area of low pressure crossing from west to east on Tuesday. This brings some heavy periods of rain with it as it passes. The rain not clearing in eastern areas of England until late afternoon. Brighter weather then follows from the west. Some showers in northwest Scotland. Highs of 10C.


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