UK Forecast - April 28, 2024
Rain and showers in the west
Feeling much milder

Rain across Ireland, more persistent in northern and eastern regions. Wet too in the west of the UK and across the Central Belt. The rain will spread across Scotland, Wales, northern parts and southwest England as the day progresses. Staying dry and pleasant in the east and southeast, with sunny spells and a breeze. Feeling mild in a southerly flow, with temperature highs of 14C in the south, and 10C in the north.

Monday Night
A few localised showers across Ireland, with more persistent showers along the western and southern coasts. Rain across central Scotland, northern England, Wales, and southwest England. Staying dry with some clear skies in the southeast and eastern counties. Temperature lows of 4C in the south and 1C in the north.

Rain across Ireland, Scotland, northern England and Wales. The risk of localised thundery showers in southwest England. Staying dry in eastern and southeastern England, with the best of the sunshine in the southeast. Central eastern England may catch a shower or two. Some sunny spells across Ireland as the day progresses. Feeling much milder, with temperature highs of 17C, and slightly cooler in Ireland, at 12C.

Rain in Northern Ireland as well as in the east and western coasts. Some showers in the south. Sunny spells elsewhere. Cloudy and mostly dry across the UK, with the risk of some rain in the southeast and along eastern coasts. Staying mild, with highs of 19C in the south, and 15C in the north.


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