Week ahead - February 21, 2024
Mixed weather with occasional rain
Some frost returning during nighttime

Occasionally cloudy with rain, this possibly heavy. Cooler overnight with frost in places.

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Saturday 24/02/2024
It will be a rather cloudy day for most with occasional showers. Showers will be more frequent over western Scotland and western Ireland, where a longer spell of rain is possible later in the day with some snow over the Highlands. Wales and southwest England will see more frequent showers in the morning, but less are expected in the afternoon. Widespread frost developing overnight. Maximum temperatures at around 7C in north, but 10C in south.

Sunday 25/02/2024
A low pressure system will track south-southwest of the British Isles. This will turn the wind coming from the east-northeast bringing occasional shower over East Scotland and East England. Southern parts of Ireland, southwest England as well as Wales will see thicker cloud with possible rain. Elsewhere, drier with bright or sunny spells, with the best of the conditions over Western Scotland. Windy in south. Frost overnight over Scotland. Maximum temperatures at 6C in north and 9C in south.

Monday 26/02/2024
Bright with occasional showers mostly over Scotland and England. However as high pressure builds over the British Isles it will get drier everywhere with sunny spells. Best of the dry and bright conditions over Ireland and western Scotland. Cloudier later from the north. Frost developing under clear skies. In the afternoon temperatures will rise to around 6C in north and 9C in south.

Tuesday 27/02/2024
A dry and bright start to the day for England and Wales. Thickening cloud over Ireland and Scotland with a band of rain spreading south later in the day. Rain will get heavy over western Scotland and it will fall as snow over the Highlands. Rain will reach southern England by late evening, but patchy and light. Maximum temperatures at 5C in north but 7C in south.

Wednesday 28/02/2024
A bright day with scattered showers, these more frequent in over Northern Ireland and Scotland, with some on the heavy side. Drier with possible sunny spells over England and Wales, as well as southern parts of Ireland. Temperatures rising to around 8C in north, and 11C in south.


Thursday 29/02/2024
A low pressure system will move east over the British Isles with outbreaks of rain, this heavy in west. Strong winds with the temperature at 5C in north, but 10C in south.