UK Forecast - April 19, 2024
Ground and air frost overnight

Saturday 20 April
Overnight ground and air frost for Scotland and northern England will clear by mid-morning to give a dry sunny start for all temperatures 2C generally 5 to 7C mid-morning. Continuing dry and sunny for all duirng the remainder of the morning and continuing into the afternoon. Becoming rather cloudy late morning and into the afternoon across NW Scotland and Yorkshire through to Kent and Sussex with some coastal mist and fog along North Sea coasts. Cool fo r all temperatures 6 to 8C where cloud persists along coasts, 10-12C elsewhwere briefly 14C Somerset to Dorset. Winds generally light though fresher along North Sea coasts with windchill.

Saturday night
Continuing dry through the evening with variable to broken cloud though most cloud dispersing early into the night, temperature 3 to 5C mid-evening. Patchy cloud for NE and E Scotland to Northumberland and Lincolnshire will prevent temperatures falling remaining near 5C overnight. Elsewhere for England and Wales widespread ground and patchy air frost for central and eastern England, eastern Wales temperaures close to 0C.

Sunday 21 April
Remaining dry for all though a rather cloudy start across Scotland, NW and NE England with persistent cloud cover for a time into the mid-morning, temperature 2 to 4C generally, to 5 to 7C mid-morning with increasing sunshine where cloud becomes broken. Staying dry though generally cloudy during the afternoon though sunshine remaining through the afternoon across Scotland and Northern England. Cloud breaking across Midlands E and S England late afternoon and into the evening temperatures 9 to 11 late afternoon, quickly fally to 3 to 5C mid evening. Patch ground and air frost returning overnight.

Monday 22 April
Remaing cool, dry with sunshine for most, ground and patchy air frost at first from Dorset through midlands to E. Anglia 1 to 3 to start. Elsewhere a cloudy though dry start. Becoming increasing cloudy during the morning for all with outbreask of rain during the later morning and into the afternoon across NW England, Wales and NE England though rain moving southeast will become patchy moving southwards.